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Are Chihuahuas Hard to Potty Train? My Experience

Are Chihuahuas Hard to Potty Train?
Chihuahua outdoors

Are Chihuahuas Hard to Potty Train?

If you recently got a Chihuahua you might be wondering, “Are Chihuahuas hard to potty train?”

Worry not!

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility and hence, there could be tons of questions on your mind.

Read on for more information!

Chihuahuas are an interesting breed. It appears cute and the tiny size makes it even more adorable.

But, before you bring this little pup into your life, make sure you are aware of the potty training tips and tricks!

It is Important to Potty Train Your Chihuahua

Even if you are already enjoying the company of Chihuahua, don’t forget it is important to potty train it. The sooner the better!

So, what’s stopping you from potty training your Chihuahua? Let’s find out what is suitable for your pup.

Is It Really Hard To Potty Train Chihuahuas?

Well, you have to ask other pet owners and you would get a fair idea!

It is likely that you might hear that chihuahuas are hard to potty train.

It is important for you to know that they are smart and thus, it is up to you how you are training them.

You have to Patient with Chihuahuas

In a nutshell, you can say that you have to be patient with Chihuahuas.

Once you have decided to go forward with the potty training, bear in mind it is your responsibility!

No matter what you have to treat the dog gently.

Your care matters a lot in the whole process! Even though you may still have in you mind the question, are Chihuahuas hard to potty train?

Why There Is A Difficulty In Potty Training?

The common difficulty that you might feel while potty training the Chihuahuas are:

Chihuahua’s Small Size

It is a small breed with a height ranging from 15cm to 23cm.

Because of their small size, it could be tough to potty train the Chihuahuas.

Potty Training Solution

You have to be consistent when potty training the Chihuahuas.

It is the key solution! No matter what just keep on trying.

However, there are some ways that can help you in potty training the Chihuahua.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the possible solutions, tips, and tricks!

Potty Training for Chihuahuas

Yes, it is hard to potty train a Chihuahua but there are certain ways that can help you.

After all, now that you have your little bundle of joy it is now time to teach it the right thing.

You want the best for your pup, so you need not worry! Continue reading for more information.

Consider the following when you are trying to train your precious pet:

Chihuahua’s Health Concerns

It is important that you understand the personality of your Chihuahua.

You should rule out the possibilities of health concerns if any.

Take Your Chihuahua pet to the Vet for Regular Checkups

It is important that you take your chihuahua pet to the vet for regular checkups.

You would know if there is a urinary tract infection causing the issue.

UTI is Causing Difficulty in Potty Training

A simple test would let you know whether UTI is causing difficulty in potty training.

There could be any other health issues making it difficult to hold the poop or pee.

Hence, your dog might not be able to potty train.

Always keep a close eye on the health of your chihuahua dog

Make sure they are healthy and fit in every possible way.

Plus, you have to take care of the diet of your chihuahua dog.

You can ask your vet what would suit your dog if it is having issues with a certain diet.

Nature Of Chihuahuas

Generally speaking, Chihuahuas are sensitive in nature.

You have to understand that it requires a lot of patience to deal with the puppy.

Make sure you keep their nature in mind when trying to potty train.

Make Sure Your Chihuahua is Comfortable when pooping or peeing

It is important that your chihuahua is comfortable when pooping or peeing!

They sure do need some privacy!

If you are aware of their nature and are aware of how to treat it gently, it would be easy for you to relax and go with the flow of the entire process!

Chihuahua Puppy Pads

Using the puppy pads is a good idea when your dog is finding it tough to hold the poop or pee!

They are very small in size and during winter they feel cold due to which there are chances of more accidents in winter rather than summer.

Meanwhile, you can use the puppy pads and this may help solve the potty training questions and answer the question- Are Chihuahuas hard to potty train?

Training Your Chihuahua Pup

No matter how adorable your pup is, it is important to potty train it.

Thus, you have to find a method that works best for you.

There are many articles, blogs, and tutorials available online.

You have all the guidance but you have to keep the patience to train your precious Chihuahua.

It is important to train the pup correctly.

Start When Chihuahua is Young

The most suitable advice that you can commonly find is you have to start the potty training when your Chihuahua is still young.

However, you can still train your puppy when they are older.

It is always best to introduce the ideas when they are fairly young especially during the early months of their life.

During the early days of life, their brain is developing and hence, it would be easier to potty train.

Some Ideas for Potty Training Chihuahuas

Despite the fact that you have been trying so hard, there is a possibility that you might start losing hope in training your chihuahua.

It is important to be aware of different tips, tricks, and ideas that can help you in training the Chihuahuas.

Keep the Same Toilet Spot for your chihuahua

It would be a good idea to keep the same toilet spot for your Chihuahua.

If an accident happens, it would be best to remind your dog that they have done something bad and they are supposed to go to the specific toilet spot.

You have to repeat this behavior until they pick it.

However, you should keep in mind that it is never right to spank your chihuahua dog under any circumstances.

You have to be patient and gentle.

It is Okay if Accidents Happen

It is okay if accidents happen, eventually they are going to learn but you have to be consistent.

Thus, keeping the same spot for a toilet might do the trick.

Make sure you are taking the puppy outside at regular intervals.

Doing so can help you with training!

After Meals & Waking Up

As soon as your pup wakes up in the morning, it is best to take them out for potty training.

In the same fashion, when they finish the meal make sure you are reminding it to go for poop or pee!

You have to do this effort especially, in the beginning.

Always keep in mind that hard work pays off and you are likely to get there once you get the hang of potty training Chihuahuas the right way!

Command & Reward System

You might have heard of the term classical conditioning! It would be a good idea to command your chihuahua with a certain word.

Make sure everyone in the family is using the same word!

For example, you can say “Bathroom” or “Toilet” and thus, your Chihuahua would know that it is time to go outside.

Reward Your Chihuahua for the Job Well Done!

Hence, if they finally poop you can reward them for the job well done! You can use milk bones for rewarding!

Getting the reward would give Chihuahua the idea that it is acting in a good way by pooping outside of the house rather than inside.

You can take the dog to the toilet spot and say the word that would give a clear idea of what the purpose of the toilet spot is.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Potty Training Chihuahuas

Now you might be quite aware of the fact that it is not a piece of cake to potty train your Chihuahuas.

You should keep the following things in mind in order to avoid accidents:

You have to keep a close eye on the behavior of your Chihuahua.

If you feel that it is about to poop or pee, it would be best to take it out to the toilet spot.

Using a leash or a dog crate would be a good idea inside the house when you are potty training your chihuahua pet so that it doesn’t wander around the house.

Chihuahuas are quite sneaky in nature

Chihuahuas are quite sneaky in nature and there is a possibility that you might find the poop at different corners in the house.

If your chichi has developed a habit of using a certain place in the house as their designated spot and you want to break this habit, what are you going to do?

Chihuahuas don’t poop where they eat!

Well, it would be a good idea to start putting their food to that specific place and thus, your problem would be solved. Chihuahuas don’t poop where they eat!

It would be best to take it to the toilet spot every 20 minutes if it is young and every hour if it is an older chihuahua.

Learn the Bathroom signals

You have to learn the signals as in when your chihuahua wants to use the bathroom.

If you are able to detect, you can avoid accidents. Just be patient!

Feeling Worried or Angry about the Chihuahua

If you are feeling worried or angry about the chihuahua not getting potty trained, you have to be very careful.

Your Chihuahua might take the signal of your negative mood and might not feel comfortable using the designated spot.

Let Your Chihuahua Know that you are not Angry with the Accident

You have to let the pet know that you are not angry with the accident but they were not supposed to act in this way.

You have to be extra careful in selecting the right spot if you are living in an apartment or an area with lots of people around.

Chihuahua can be vulnerable because of their small size.

Thus, when they are outdoors, you have to be sure of the safe spot for potty training.

Use treats or toys as a reward for your chihuahua.

Whatever works best! If you are giving the treats, select the ones that are suitable for the health of your dog.

Chihuahuas Tempted to Poop or Pee Indoor

Chihuahuas would be tempted to poop or pee indoor when it is really cold outside.

It would be a good idea to use a warm sweater.

Thus, it would keep your pet warm during winter.

There Should be a Specific Place for the Dog to Use

You have to keep in mind that there should be a specific place for the dog to use as the toilet spot.

Make sure everyone in the house is aware of it. If everyone keeps on changing the place, the dog would be confused and it would be tough.

Hire A Dog Trainer For Potty Training Your Chihuahua

If you have tried everything but in vain and are losing hope or maybe you are too busy!

It would be a good idea to hire a trainer.

The trainer can help you in potty training for the chihuahua dog.

To find the best dog trainer you can search online.

It is wise to visit the official website of the service provider and go through the section of frequently asked questions.

You can contact for more information.

Plus, you can read reviews left by different people.

Recommendation from Your Vet

Always keep in mind that your vet is your best source of information.

You have to get the recommendations from your vet.

Get More Ideas from Your Vet

It is always best to get more ideas from your vet even about the potty training.

Your vet can spot if there are any health issues!

Final Words on Potty Training Chihuahuas

It appears that potty training Chihuahuas is tough!

However, you have to be smart enough to deal with this issue.

Make sure you are trying your best and everything would become easier with time.

Develop a System to Potty Train

You have to develop a system to potty train your chihuahua dog.

You can reward the chi for its good behavior.

Rule Out the Possibilities of any Health Concerns

First, you have to rule out the possibilities of any health concerns that are making it tough to potty train your Chihuahua.

Make sure there is a specific spot that you can use as a toilet.

The Same Spot Would Help in Potty Training

Bringing your dog to the same spot would help in potty training.

But, if nothing helps make sure you hire a suitable dog trainer for making dog training easy for you.

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