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Chihuahua Barking – My Best Tips

chihuahua barking
chihuahua barking

Chihuahua Barking – Best Tips

You are happy with your Chihuahua! But the chihuahua barking is driving you crazy!

You are quite aware of its size, behavior, eating habits, and so much more. You did thorough research.

What are the Common Chihuahua Barking Problems?

If you have recently got a Chihuahua and are getting tired of its barking, you must be wondering what are the common chihuahua barking problems?

Worry not! You are in the right place to get some insight into this amazing breed of dogs.

Learn a Little about the Annoying Chihuahua Barking

Let’s learn a little about the annoying chihuahua barking!

If you are the lucky ones who say, “my chihuahua doesn’t bark!” Still read on as you might give a tip or two to someone who is getting tired of chihuahua barking and growling.

Chihuahuas barking

You must know Chihuahuas as cute little dogs that are quite protective and aggressive in nature.

There is another thing that Chihuahuas are renowned for and it is the Chihuahuas barking! Yes, you read that right.

However, if you own a long-haired Chihuahua, you might think do long-haired chihuahuas bark a lot! Well, whether long hair or smooth, they surely bark! You just have to learn how to control this behavior.

Why Do Chihuahuas Bark at Nothing?

Looking at the behavior of Chihuahuas it appears that they constantly bark.

They bark for no apparent reason but this behavior is correctable.

It is in their instinct but it is wise if you are able to understand the root cause as it can help you in correcting this particular behavior.

Don’t Encourage their Barking Behavior

However, no matter what it is important that you don’t encourage their barking behavior.

The chihuahua puppy barking might sound annoying but it is important that you take care of the issue in the beginning.

Why do Chihuahuas bark?

chihuahua barking

Some of the possible reasons that your Chihuahua could be barking are:

Chihuahuas might be trying to protect you from someone or something.

Your chihuahua dog might be trying to grab your attention.

The chihuahua might be simply bored! They could be hungry and want you to feed them!

Chihuahuas are Full of Energy

You must be quite aware of the fact that chihuahuas are full of energy and it is important for them to release their energy somewhere!

Hence, they might be releasing it by non-stop barking.

But, wait! What if your chihuahua is barking constantly at strangers?

It could be quite embarrassing, right. Read on for more information.

How do I stop my Chihuahua from barking at strangers?

You might be wondering why do chihuahuas bark at strangers.

It is possible that because of their small size, Chihuahuas might feel threatened by the presence of certain strangers.

As a result, they can start barking!

If you have small kids in the house …

It is important that if you have small kids in the house, you bring the Chihuahuas as a pet when you and the kids are ready.

However, if you see a Chihuahua barking at you, fear not and try to understand the situation.

Meanwhile, if your pet is barking at strangers, you can try the following:

Make Them Comfortable Around People

It is your duty to teach them how to be comfortable around people. You can start making them comfortable at your home!

They should behave nicely with the family members, especially with the guests. It might take some time but it is possible.

Train from the Beginning

You have to teach them to be comfortable around strangers since the beginning.

So, when you bring the puppy home for the first time make sure you start training them from the beginning!

Don’t Push Your Chihuahua

Don’t push the puppy if they don’t want to be around strangers.

However, when they are feeling comfortable you can reward them with a treat or a toy!

It is important that you don’t put the pressure on your pet.

They are your little bundle of joy and you are responsible for all the love and care.

Create a Safe Space

Try to create a safe space for the Chihuahuas when they are meeting strangers for the first time to avoid it barking!

It is important that the Chihuahuas don’t scare the stranger nor they should be scared!

If there are kids in the area then pay closer attention.

You don’t want any kid to hurt your pet. Plus, you want the kid to feel safe too!

Take your Chihuahua Outdoors

Take the pet regularly to the park, shopping, and even for a walk with strangers around.

Gradually they might get used to the idea of feeling safe among unknown people.

It is important that you let others know about it

When you are teaching Chihuahuas not to bark at strangers it is important that you let others know about it!

It would be a good idea to let the stranger know that you are trying your best!

Consistency and hard work is the key to make Chihuahuas stop barking at strangers.

How do I get my small dog to stop barking?

There are various things that you can try to get your small dog to stop barking.

It is important for you to understand why they have been barking in the first place.

Try the following tips and tricks:

You have to keep a close eye on when do chihuahuas start barking.

Try to find the root cause of it.

chihuahua barking problems
chihuahua dog

Potential Threat

You have to understand the root cause of their bark.

It is possible that they might be feeling a potential threat.

For example, if a certain friend of yours is visiting you, your pet might be worried and even sometimes hide in their dog crate.

You could be giving all your attention to this friend.

The solution to Chihuahua barking

Make sure you make the pet feel safe.

Try to pat it again and again.

You have to assure your dog that you love him the most!

Separation Anxiety

Another possible reason for the Chihuahuas to bark is the separation anxiety.

Chihuahuas are small in size and because of their defense mechanism, they might start barking when they feel the separation anxiety.

Behavior Encouragement

In any case, don’t encourage the behavior of barking.

You might not even know and you could be encouraging them.

Your Pet is Hungry and Wants your Attention

For example, when your pet is hungry and wants your attention so that you can offer some food, they can start barking!

Now, if you are giving food when they are barking non-stop it would somehow give it an idea that when they bark like this, they get the food!

Ignore The Barking

When your dog is constantly barking for no apparent reason try to ignore this particular behavior.

It might be a little tough at first but doing so can help in minimizing the issue to some extent.

You Are not Giving the Required Attention

Basically, when your dog starts barking you are not giving the required attention!

However, as soon as it stops barking reward him or give a toy or treat!

This would let the chihuahua know that you appreciate them being quiet.

Ask Strangers for Help to stop Chihuahua Barking

When your pet is too afraid to be around strangers, you can ask strangers for help.

For example, if you go regularly to a certain park where people are new to your dog, you can ask some of them to give treats to the chihuahua.

This way the dog might start feeling safe around the strangers.

Be Consistent

If your dog is constantly barking at something or someone, don’t quit or feel embarrassed.

It is okay to feel shy when your dog is not behaving well in the public. But, you can take effective measures to tackle this issue.

For example, you can be consistent in what you are doing!

It would be the best solution and your hard work can pay off one day.

Be A Role Model

If you show signs of anger and aggression when your puppy is not acting as per your desired behavior, it is important that you stay calm.

If you are in a relaxed mood when they are finally quiet, it would show the puppy that you encourage good behavior.

Plus, when you go to the park or the grocery store with your puppy try to greet strangers with a good smile so they would feel it is normal behavior!

Ask For Tips to Stop Chihuahua Barking On Social Media

With technological advancement, you have the advantage of being in touch with thousands of pet owners belong to different corners of the world.

Hence, you have the advantage of asking for tips on social media.

Ask Someone about how they have Stopped barking

It would be a good idea if you share your views and ask someone about how they have controlled the constant barking of chihuahuas.

Plus, you can also join different social media groups to get the best tips or help from strangers.

Hire a Professional Trainer

If you have tried everything and in vain, it is important that you hire a professional for this constant barking behavior.

The trainer will help train to stop chihuahua barking.

Some of the tips on finding a suitable dog trainer are as follows:

Search Online:

You can search for a dog trainer online especially in your nearby area.

Make sure you are able to visit them in person or they are near your house.

Visit Official Website:

Nowadays, every business is trying to have a virtual presence.

Hence, visiting the official website of the dog trainer would be a good idea.

Check the Section of frequently asked questions

You can get enough information from the section of frequently asked questions and the overall website layout.

In case of any issue, you should be able to contact the trainer.

Check Reviews:

Thanks to the era of information technology, it is now possible to check reviews online.

Check Reviews Left by the Current or Past Customers

Such reviews are left by the current or past customers and can give you enough information!

Make sure you check the authenticity of the trainers before hiring them.

Always hire an expert rather than anyone who is claiming to be a professional.

Expertise and Experience:

It is important the trainer you are hiring for your dog has the required expertise and experience.

If they have the experience in dealing with the barking behavior, you can ask how much time might be required to train to stop your chihuahua barking.

Plus, an experienced trainer can help you on this journey!

Why Do Chihuahuas Shake

Sometimes your Chihuahuas might shake or shiver and that would be accompanied by barking.

If that is the case, you should know the underlying reason for a chihuahua shaking.

There are many reasons, such:

They might have too much energy and hence, are shaking as a result.

By doing so, they are just getting rid of excess energy.

They could be shaking because of being upset about something.

Usually, the dog would bark and it would be a good idea to check the root cause of what is bothering them.

There could be something causing distress to the dog.

For example, there could be a storm outside capturing the attention of your dog and as a result, it could be shaking!

If you ever feel your pet is showing a different behavior it would be best to check the surroundings to find out the potential cause of the behavior.

Visit Your Vet

Despite the fact that there is tons of information available online, your vet is the best source of information.

It would be a good idea to consult with your vet about any excessive chihuahua barking.

The recommendations given by your vet would be best!

You can read many articles and watch online tutorials.

However, your vet can check your dog and rule out the possibilities of any potential risks.

Make sure you are taking chihuahuas to your vet on a regular basis.

Final Words About Chihuahua Barking

There could be many potential reasons for your chihuahua barking.

However, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to find the root cause of it.

Usually, it is best to train the dog from the beginning.

Make sure you are taking effective measures.

Plus, when you get a chihuahua puppy for the first time, it would be best to take it to the vet.

The vet will run some tests and exams to rule out possibilities of any potential health issue.

Your vet can give you interesting advice on how to take care of your dog.

You can take the chihuahua to the parks, shopping, and other areas with strangers around.

Basically, you just have to be consistent!

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