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My Chihuahua Breeds Review

Chihuahua Breeds Review

The Ultimate Review on Chihuahua Dog Breeds.

This chihuahua breeds review is useful when you have a great desire for purchasing a chihuahua dog, some questions may hinder you.

The ultimate chihuahua breeds review will take you through the general performance of Chihuahuas.

This review will assist you in making up your mind and answering all your questions about the chihuahua breeds.

Peoples Experience with Chihuahua Temperament

Chihuahuas are loyal, expressive, entertaining, and economical little dogs.

They are usually like to burrow under a blanket while at the same time dance while on their hind legs.

Besides, a chihuahua dog also waves its paws in the air and loves to lick everything present in its sight.

Chihuahuas’ Different Personality

Chihuahua Breeds Review

Chihuahuas brim absolutely with a strong personality.

A chihuahua has an eccentric and quirky personality.

This personality is unmatched by all the other different dog breeds.

Chihuahua dogs also exhibit variable personalities.

Therefore, you will end up coming across chihuahuas that are calm and lively, mellow or feisty, nervous or confident, eager, or even stubborn for one to please them.

Chihuahua Genetic Temperament

Furthermore, Chihuahua’s temperament depends a lot on the genetic temperament possessed by its parents and grandparents.

You may find the Chihuahua’s entire lines are both antisocial and social.

In case you bring up a chihuahua dog that has inherited bad temperament dog genes, it may be costly to you.

Until you are well prepared for it, do not consider living with a dog of an unstable nature!

Training and socialization for your Chihuahua 

Training and socialization are still essential for your Chihuahua dog.

When a Chihuahua inherits a normal temperament gene, the way you raise it will determine how it ends up turning out.

Most people consider Chihuahuas as being nasty and mean dogs since they even bite people.

In short, Chihuahuas do not have a very good reputation in the whole public. This kind of reputation bears both some wisdom and truth.

Breeding Two Different Chihuahuas

Many individuals are unknowingly breeding two different Chihuahuas with a temperament, which is not admirable at all.

Also a result, their various puppies end up inheriting bad genes, which in turn ends up with a chihuahua dog with a bad temperament.

Chihuahua Breeds Review

Are Chihuahuas Substitutes to Human Infants?

Other individuals are taking it too far with their chihuahua dog. They treat a perfect chihuahua like a “doll or toy ” or a “stuffed animal”.

In extreme cases, individuals consider the chihuahua dogs substitute for human infants.

They end up carrying the chihuahuas to all the different places they visit while holding them on their arms.

That carrying behavior trains and tells the chihuahua dog that the world around it is quite unsafe to be walking on its own.

Teach these Dogs the Various Useful Commands

Other people fail to teach these dogs various useful commands.

Instead, they, may laugh at both aggression signs and make excuses for them for their bad behavior.

Making excuses will only help to reinforce bad behavior and make it worse.

Train the dog to follow commands such that when it does something wrong, you must let it know so that it does not repeat the bad behavior.

Reward the Dog for Good Behavior

A chihuahua dog needs to be rewarded for good behavior so that it associates the two.

Regardless of how much you will feel that Chihuahuas are neurotic, the owners contribute a lot to their character.

Besides, spoiling a chihuahua dog is the worst way in which you may decide to raise your chihuahua.

Spoiling a Dog Will Just Make it Insecure

Spoiling a dog will only make the owner feel good temporarily and will end up having an insecure dog. 

An insecure chihuahua dog barks maniacally at all times when it sees something which is looking or sounding unfamiliar.

This is an awful mental state for a dog to end up living with.

Train Your Chihuahua to Walk on its Own Feet

Train your chihuahuas how they ought to walk on their own using their own feet.

This way, the chihuahuas will feel secure and safe in the environment around them.

Creating a Stable and Confident Chihuahua

Also, train them to get along well and socialize with those others around them. 

Once a chihuahua is well trained, you will end up with a stable and confident Chihuahua that is also well behaved and sociable!

An Eagle Eye for the Sake of Noticing Danger

Chihuahua Breeds Review

Besides, there is a need for taking precautions.

Mainly because there are dangers all the places for toy dogs.

The trick to overcoming these dangers is letting the Chihuahuas walk on their own as much as possible. This holds true for all chihuahua breeds.

At the same time, there is a need to ensure that you are observing the surroundings with an eagle eye.

For the sake of noticing any potential of real danger.

Provide Your Dog’s Safety to Ensure Survival

You must provide safety to prevent your chihuahua dog from getting killed or hurt within the environment.

Do not treat your chihuahua dog breeds like a baby by carrying it all the time.

If your dog does not behave well or walk on his own then your dog may end up being insecure or downright nasty and mean!

Chihuahuas Adore Warmth

Chihuahuas adore warmth and they will seek out the sunspot regardless of its size.

Often, you will find your chihuahua basking blissfully even in the tiniest sunspot that they can find.

They  Burrow Under the Tunnel and Blankets

Besides, chihuahua breeds burrow under the tunnel and blankets or a towel if given one.

Therefore, it is always necessary to be careful while sitting down on blankets on the bed and sofa.

A chihuahua may be tucked in the blankets or any other fabrics.

Why Do Chihuahuas Shiver or Tremble so Much?

Some people wonder why chihuahua breeds normally shiver and tremble so much.

They may be a little cold and uncomfortable sometimes.

However, they generally shiver or tremble when they are excited or nervous.

Housebreaking a Chihuahua Dog

The hardest thing for one to do is teaching a chihuahua to follow basic routines.

chihuahua breeds are hard to housebreak.

Chihuahuas are considered the hardest to housebreak of all the different dog breeds.

It is Hard to Housebreak a Chihuahua

It is particularly hard to housebreak a chihuahua dog.

This is especially so in the wet and cold weather during rainy or cold climates.

To housebreak a chihuahua breeds, consider getting a covered litter indoor box.

You may also consider a doggy door that leads out to a  covered potty area.

Pros and Cons about Chihuahua breeds

The Good about Chihuahua Breeds

Chihuahua Breeds Review
  • Picking up a chihuahua is a straightforward process.
  • The process of picking after chihuahuas is also straightforward.
  • They come in varying colors and coats
  • Chihuahuas are entertaining
  • Chihuahuas are funny especially in the quirky ways
  • They are easy to handle and travels well
  • Chihuahuas are very loyal
  • They do not require a lot of exercises
  • Chihuahuas love sunny and warm weather
  • They usually live for a long time – long life span

The Bad about Chihuahua Breeds

  • They are fragile physically
  • Chihuahua breeds require more careful monitoring
  • They require more supervision
  • Chihuahuas require more protection for safety which makes it hard to make sure they are well behaved at the same time.
  • Chihuahua breeds may have high incidences of bad behavior due to their temperament which can be heartbreaking
  • Due to the difficulty in housebreaking chihuahuas, they may heartbreak the owner.
  • chihuahuas have nasty, mindless barking behavior that is inherited from bad parents.

The Size of Chihuahuas

Regarding official breed clubs statistics, chihuahuas need to be about 5-10 inches long from the shoulder.

The chihuahuas weigh in at around 2-7 lbs.

However, some chihuahua dog breeds are smaller.

Other breeds are larger in body size.

Here are Some Chihuahua Dog Breeds

Chihuahua Teacup

Teacup Chihuahuas are extremely tiny Chihuahuas.

They are tiny “toy” dogs. A “teacup” is a phrase made up.

They can almost fit in a teacup due to their miniature size.

A Unique Breed of Chihuahuas

This is a unique breed of chihuahuas.

There is no other variety or breed that is similar in size to chihuahua teacup breed.

The Dog Breeders May Over Charge!

Be aware that smart dog breeders use many daily marketing phrases.

These dog breeders want the buyers to think that they are getting a special kind of chihuahua so that they can charge more money.

This makes the buyers pay through the nose for some of the toy dog breeds.

Chihuahua Breeders May Exaggerate the Weight

chihuahua breeds

Some of the chihuahua breeders may exaggerate the weight of the teacup chihuahuas even though they are quite smaller.

Also, they may price their teacup chihuahua dogs higher similar to the other breeds that are much larger.

This makes their chihuahua price ridiculous.

No Division Based on Weight Among the Toy Dogs

There is no division based on weight among the toy dogs. If it weighs 6lbs or 2 lbs, it is still a chihuahua dog!

Chihuahua breeds that weigh under 2 lbs or even 3 lbs are at a higher risk for health problems.

Chihuahua Health Problems

At such low body weights, these chihuahua teacups have various bones that are more fragile.

Also, they are so small that no enough room is present in the mouth to keep healthy teeth.

The teeth problems may prevent them from eating dog food.

Difficulties Regulating Blood Sugar

Chihuahua teacup has difficulties in regulating blood sugar.

Therefore, they go into shock if they spend a long period without eating.

In addition, their internal organs may become weak and may suddenly fail to lead to many health problems.

As a result, you may go downstairs in a given morning and find them dead inexplicably in the dog crate.

Chihuahua Breeders Attempts

Chihuahua breeders try to produce various high-risk breeds.

The teacups are too tiny to produce standard size chihuahua puppies.

If possible, try sticking with chihuahua breeds that mature at around 4 lbs or even more.

These 4 lbs and over have the best chance for survival and living a healthy, long life.

How to Tell a  Chihuahua Puppy Will Mature at 4 lbs or Over

A chihuahua puppy that matures at 4 lbs or over has the best chance of survival.

How can one tell if a tiny chihuahua puppy will mature at 4 lbs or over?

There general rule of thumb is to take the chihuahua puppy weight when 14 days old and double that to estimate its adult weight.

Determine the Weight of Both Parents

Also,  look at the parents and determine the weight of both parents. If the parents weigh less than 6lbs, likely, their pups will also be similar,

In case one of the parents or both of them are oversized, there is the possibility that both the pups will also grow to be oversized.

Chihuahua Long Hair

chihuahua breeds

The long-haired chihuahua is among the most recognized types of chihuahua dogs.

The other most recognized breeds are short-haired chihuahua or the smooth-coat chihuahua.

Depending on their unique characteristics, chihuahua dog breeds are given different names.

Other Chihuahua Dog Breeds

These breeds include; 

The chihuahua teacup used for small dogs.

The chihuahua apple head is widely used by the AJJ standard dogs.

Apple head chihuahua has a head-shaped like an apple with an apple dome skull that is well rounded.

What are Toy Dogs?

There is also the toy dogs that refers to the small chihuahuas.

Chihuahua breeds are the smallest kind of all the different dogs and are also the tiniest kind of dog breeds.

They Make Beautiful Pets

Chihuahua breeds are widely described as toy dogs as a result of their small size,

They make beautiful pets for people who love small dogs.

The toy dogs are lovely pets.

Chihuahua teacup is often used as a companion dog that is very fond of owners.

They are very entertaining and protective of their owners.

Chihuahua Mix

Mixing a chihuahua dog with another dog breed gives rise to a chihuahua mix.

Many chihuahua mixes have been crossbred lately.

Beagle Chihuahua mix

Beagle Chihuahua mix is a combination of the Chihuahua breed and the Beagle breed.

Many individuals prefer purebred dogs.

Mixing of Various Dog Breeds to be Interesting

There are a lot of people who find the mixing of various dog breeds to be interesting.

Chihuahua’s beagle mix has adorable characteristics.

As a result of the different widely renowned parents, the chihuahua beagle mix has a unique personality.

Reasons for Getting a Beagle Chihuahua Crossbreed

chihuahua breeds

This kind of crossbreed is not capable of withstanding extreme weather.

As a result, this is not the most appropriate dog for individuals who live in hot or cold climates.

The chihuahua beagle mix requires walks outdoors as well as indoors regularly to help exercise its fragile body.

It is a Jealousy Dog

It is a jealousy dog.

The reason is that the dog loves extreme attention.

Chihuahua Beagle mix also gets strongly attached to one particular person within the home.

As a result, a chihuahua beagle mix gets easily irritated especially while it is losing the attention it demands from its given owner.

Using a Rope or Crate to Manage this Dog

Without experience or training makes the chihuahua beagle mix breed noisy and rowdy.

You may find yourself using a rope or crate to manage this dog.

This mixed breed is noisy and loud especially when agitated or excited.

Chihuahua beagle mix breed barks often and howls at a high pitch.

This chihuahua barking disrupts the peace for the people in the home and neighbors.

The Best Resolution You Can Make

Raring chihuahua dog breeds are among the most appropriate resolutions you can ever make.

As a result, you need to ensure you buy this breed of dog and get to enjoy the various benefits that come with it.

A chihuahua is the best companion dog and an entertaining one for that matter!

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