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How I did it – Chihuahua Dog Crate Setup

Chihuahua Dog Crate Setup

Step by Step Process to Set Up the Chihuahua Dog Crate

Chihuahua dog crate training involves teaching the chihuahuas that they are supposed to be spending time and even sleeping in the crate.

The chihuahua dog crate is a secure and safe place for the chihuahua puppy or the chihuahua dog itself. When you crate train your dog, you will have peace of mind and surety that they will be sleeping and sleeping in peace in a safe secure place.

Crate training assures the chihuahua owner that the chihuahua dog will be safe even when it is not under supervision. Besides, the crate training will be establishing a significant association in the dog’s mind that the crate is the right and great safe place for it to be.

Step 1. Convincing the Dog that is Bringing Good Things

In case the chihuahua puppy or chihuahua dog has never seen a chihuahua crate before, and you force them to get in, the process will not end up as expected.

The unfamiliar box may end up being scary since the dogs need to be using the crate voluntarily. Therefore, the main task towards crate training the dog or puppy is to form an association in its smart mind with the various things that dogs enjoy in their life.

As a result, they shall see the crate as an impressive thing. When you succeed in convincing the dog to enter into the crate, you will have won half of the battle.

Step 2. Enticing the Dog into the Crate Using Dog Treats

It is done by removing the crate door and tying it open to ensure it will not end up closing. Besides, there is no necessity of spooking the dog, especially at this early stage of crate training.

Ensure you are sitting close to the armed crate with various value treats showing them to your chihuahua dog and throwing one in the inside of the crate. While going inside to get it, you will need to start using the cue word known as crate up.

Step 3. There is No Free Treat

Chihuahua Dog Crate Setup

The following step involves asking the dog or chihuahua puppy into the crate before you consider treating them. Besides, there is a necessity of making them work for the sake of the treatment rather than using it to end up luring into the crate. There is a need for doing around two to three exercises of treat in throwing and use of the cue word as they are going in to get it.

Step 4. Teaching the Pooch to Lie and Sit Down in the Crate

It involves making the chihuahua dog or puppy learn that while in the dog crate they will end up sitting down and lying down.

The dog must learn that sitting down or lying down is the best thing while it is in the crate. This procedure should begin a few days after they get home. Chihuahuas need time to learn.

They need to understand the cues to be used to enable them to get inside the dog crate.

Step 5. Closure of the Crate door Day

At this juncture, the door will be tied open or else removed entirely until the chihuahua dog can comfortably get in.

Then comes the day to close the crate door. It is the best time to consider closing the door while locking the puppy or dog in.

Step 6. Moving Away and Leaving them on Their Own

There is another important step. This is when the dog or puppy starts to accept to sit calmly in the crate with the door closed for at least a minute.

This step involves moving away from the crate.

Practice leaving the dog by itself in the crate. The purpose of this is to eventually leave the room.

Step 7. Spending Time Alone

There is a necessity of training the chihuahua dog or chihuahua puppy to get used to staying in the crate for a long time.

This training helps the dog to tolerate loneliness. This is important especially when it is left at home alone. It is an important life skill for the chihuahua or any dog.

This skill will help in heading off the chances of developing separation anxiety.

Step 8. Leaving the House

Once the chihuahua puppy or dog is happy at spending time in a chihuahua crate, there is a need for chihuahua toys.

Such chihuahua toys may include chewing toys, especially while alone for an extended period of time or to even one hour.

The Ultimate Crate Setup Guide

You now have the crate setup guide on the procedure to follow in crate training your chihuahua dog or puppy. Therefore, you need to follow these steps and ensure that your Chihuahua will be comfortable and safe.

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