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Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow Under Blankets?

Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Do most chihuahua owners want to know why do chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

One of the most noted of these quirks is their seemingly incessant need to burrow under blankets.

It’s so common with the breed that “why does my chihuahua burrow under blankets?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in forums and on Chihuahua breeder websites.

Amazing little creatures with massive personalities

Chihuahuas are amazing little creatures with massive personalities and extremely high energies.

Their temperaments can span the scale between sweet and docile all the way through to domineering and even aggressive.

However, they steal our hearts no matter where they fall on the scale.

With those big personalities often come some of the most unique quirks you can imagine.

Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets?
Chihuahuas and burrowing under blankets

It’s been guessed at by many people.

As you get to know your dog, you figure out that chihuahuas burrow under blankets for many different reasons.

The reasons may be many up to and including absolutely no reason at all.

These reasons include both instinct and some personality traits. The traits of the individual dog, as well as the habits of the family that the chihuahua lives with.

That makes narrowing down a reason as to why anyone specific dog does it very hard to do.

Chihuahuas  create secure and comfortable spaces

It helps to know that all dogs may be considered “denning animals”.

Their natural habitats and instincts include finding or digging small spaces.

Small spaces that only they can fit in.

Spaces where they can relax, hide and have their young with little disruption or threat from the world outside.

This space can be anything from a pre-dug hole that is warm and dry.

Even to a hole, they dig themselves in nature.

Sometimes, to a pile of blankets on a bed or sofa or inside a bag or kennel in modern-day homes.

Then what isn’t nearly as important as how secure and comfortable space makes them feel.

The size and shape of the space depending on the Personality of the animal

The size and shape of the space are more dependent on the personality of the animal.

Space is also determined by a few other factors like temperature, external environment.

May also be determined by the benefits they get from their favorite burrow space.

Some chihuahuas will be happy with a blanket just laying over them.

Others prefer to walk around in smaller circles until space is shaped.

Within the small circles, the blankets are pulled in tightly around them, and everything else in between.

Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets 200 X 276?

Three basic needs for chihuahuas

Chihuahuas have no problem making themselves comfortable.

Especially, when provided the right materials.

It may seem like they have issues.

Sometimes chihuahuas shift, dig, adjust and twirl for minutes on end before finally settling down.

They know what works for them and will keep at it until their den feels just right.

What question remains?

Still, the questions remain.

Why does my chihuahua burrow under blankets?

When it is analyzed, it can be determined that all of these various reasons really boil down to one of three basic needs.

Burrowing under the blankets meets for chihuahuas: warmth, security, or comfort.

Warmth for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are warm-blooded animals.

They are believed, based on many factors, to have originated in the deserts of Mexico.

In an area called chihuahua, Mexico.

Their thin coats and high energy support this theory.

High temperatures during the day with much lower temperatures overnight made thinner fur.

The thinner fur meant that an alternative way of keeping warm is necessary.

Chihuahua’s metabolism is extremely high

Chihuahua’s metabolism is extremely high.

Their bodies process and burn through energy very quickly.

This means they are constantly producing a lot of excess heat within the body.

The heat needs to be released fairly quickly and easily to prevent overheating.

When heat leaves the body rapidly, it results in a cooling effect.

This cooling effect can actually make a chihuahua shiver.

That is why sometimes chihuahuas tremble a lot as they shiver.

Chihuahua’s high energy levels

Burning energy happens not just when they are doing exciting figure eights around the room.

Chihuahuas put off a lot of excess heat while they are sleeping too.

In winter, in climate-controlled homes, the temperature is kept much cooler than a Mexican desert.

A chihuahua’s high energy levels can keep them warm when they are running around all over the place.

When they are sleeping, it’s a different story.

Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets?
The chilling effect that losing body heat creates

One of the best ways to adjust to the cooler temperatures and keep warm is to burrow into a small space.

It’s not just about getting out of the cooler temperatures that burrowing serves.

The excess heat that their bodies produce serves to warm the space immediately around them.

This acts as a heater, reducing the chilling effect that losing body heat creates.

Blankets keep the cooler air outside

The same effect happens when they burrow into blankets.

The blanket around them not only keeps the cooler air outside, but it also creates a hallowed space that the heat from the body can warm.

The warmth that surrounds them then reduces the chilling effect.

Even though the body is still releasing excess heat rapidly, it is collected in the tight space of the burrow.

This helps to keep it warm and dry without having to run around in circles or shiver to keep warm.

You could say that blanket-burrowing chihuahuas are quite energy efficient.

Chihuahuas Need Security

Security is a major need for many small breeds of dogs.

Lack of security leads to much of the aggressive behaviors the small breeds, especially Chihuahuas which are the smallest breed of them all, are known for.

Being small in a big world is a major proponent of insecurity and anxiety for these “big personalities”.

Seemingly normal-sized things to us can be huge to them.

They aren’t necessarily fragile like glass.

However, being stepped on or even a normal-sized object that is larger than them or heavy falling on them can do real damage.

That alone would make anyone insecure.

Loud Noises Can be Extremely Overwhelming to a Chihuahua’s Ears

There are other factors that play a role in escalating insecurity in a small dog as well.

Things like loud noises can be extremely overwhelming to a chihuahua’s ears.

Their sense of sound is heightened by large ears to make them better able to hear danger sooner.

A sudden loud noise can be painful as well as frightening.

Pain added to fright is often traumatic and lingers.

This reason may help explain why do chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Separation  can be extremely traumatizing

Separation from the pack in an animal that lives in large packs in the wild can be devastating.

Packs work together to keep each other safe and getting separated can be a matter of life or death.

It’s is ingrained in a chihuahua to stay with the pack to survive.

They don’t stray far from the den until the pack returns. A pack that leaves them every day to go to work can be extremely traumatizing.

This may be yet another reason to why do chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

A way to Burn Excess Energy
Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Even just not having a good active way to burn excess energy throughout the day can also lead to anxiety and insecurity.

Imagine having a few too many cups of coffee before work this morning.

The only way you have to burn off that excessive energy boost is to run around in circles in a small space.

That would be hard on you. It’s hard on them too.

A good brisk walk first thing in the morning will do wonders for combatting that, but so will be a space heater in a nice blanket den.

Trying to keep warm may well be the reason why do chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Chihuahuas have “big dog/small body” complexes

Chihuahuas are known for “big dog/small body” complexes.

They know exactly how small they are, even when they talk about a big game.

When small dogs are feeling insecure, their natural instincts to fight or flee kick in.

When the fight is the best option, because they can’t immediately flee, intimidation with snarls and growls can lead to biting until they get their point across.

In the case of fleeing, security comes in the form of getting someplace only they can fit, even if they have to make that space themselves.

They crawl under the blanket

If only they can fit, whatever is after them can’t get to them. At least that is the way that they see it.

Burrowing under blankets serves this purpose very well.

When chihuahuas crawl under the blanket, the weight of it surrounds them.

This provides a sense of no longer being exposed to whatever the threat may have been.

So, a good burrow under the covers and these tiny, insecure creatures with big personalities feel safe and secure from whatever is out to get them.

This is one of the biggest reasons as why do chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Chihuahuas burrow under blankets for comfort

Let us face it, who doesn’t love to be comfortable and wish they could stay that way all the time?

Chihuahuas believe they have that luxury.

Sometimes, probably most times actually, they burrow under the blankets for no other reason except it is their comfy place, and they can.

When their bellies are full, when they are not thirsty or when they do not need to go out, don’t have excess energy to burn off, and they can curl up under a comfy cozy blanket and snooze the day away, they will opt to do that almost every time.

Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Chihuahuas burrow under blankets for nothing else but comfort for them.

Chihuahuas can burrow in blankets when stressed and anxious

When chihuahuas have high anxiety and they can’t do anything to change their situation, they comfort themselves by burrowing in blankets.

If they are bored but there is no one to play with them, they can burrow and take a nap until there is.

Chihuahuas can burrow when they are hungry but it isn’t feeding time yet. They can burrow and take a nap until it is time to feed.

If they need to go out but no one is home to take them, they can burrow and take a nap until someone is.

These moments of uncontrollable discomfort can be very hard times for a chihuahua.

Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets?
Sudden changes in their environment or routine can also cause stress and anxiety as well.

Comfort through these times is extremely important.

A good pile of blankets to burrow under will be soothing.

Chihuahuas can set all of that aside for a time by just curling up under the blankets and waiting for the hard times out.

When a chihuahua is burrowing, even if it seems excessive, it does not at all mean that it is suffering from anxiety or any other kind of stressor.

However, when they are burrowing, it’s never a bad idea to check to make sure that all of its needs are met.

It is not an indicator than anything is inherently wrong.

Chihuahuas just like to be comfortable and snuggling up under a blanket is comfortable for them.

Check with your vet if you think there might be problems

Anxiety and stress look different in each individual dog.

You can always check with your vet if you think there might be problems that need to be addressed at your discretion.

Your Vet will be happy to investigate issues, come up with a conclusion and recommendations.

Just know that burrowing all by itself is not a sign of distress that needs addressing.

Even when things are not quite right in their world, things have to really be traumatic for them to become stressed out.

It is much more likely to happen if they don’t have the ability and opportunity to burrow under the blankets.

Burrowing is a completely natural habit for chihuahuas

Burrowing is a completely natural habit for them.

The more often they can do it, the happier they will be.

It’s self-regulating behavior and even in the most stressful of situations.

If a chihuahua can curl up and wait till the worst of things blow over, they will adjust well.

That’s why do chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Chihuahuas, while a very sturdy breed, can also be somewhat fragile when it comes to certain things.

Meeting their most basic needs, like food, water, shelter, warmth, security, and comfort will alleviate some of that fragility.

This will help them become very well rounded and happy dogs.

Become overwhelmed and stressed fairly easily
Why do Chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

Chihuahuas are very small in a very large world.

As a result, they can become overwhelmed and stressed fairly easily.

It can seem like a very big world is coming down on top of them, from their perspective.

Resilient and adaptable to most situations

However, they are also resilient and adaptable to most situations.

A lot of patience and trying to see the entire world from their perspective (low and very small compared to everything else) will take them a long way.

Given enough time to adjust to a situation and some good blankets to cozy up under that make them feel warm, secure and comfortable.

They will come bouncing back and running in excited circles in no time.

That is the answer to the question  “why do chihuahuas burrow under blankets?

How often do you chihuahua burrow under blankets?

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