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My Best Names for Chihuahuas

 Best Names for Chihuahuas

As far as best names for chihuahuas go, it’s known how chihuahuas can have strong personalities, so why not have a name that matches it?
By: Queen D

Chihuahuas may be tiny little dogs, but they are one of the most passionate animals and typically strong personalities.

Therefore, it would make sense that their name embodies that.

It’s just like how your parents could name you something like Jason, which means a person who heals, and you grow to be a doctor.

Or Maria, which means a rebellious woman, and grows to be an activist. Here is a list of some of the names that would best suit a chihuahua.

How I Chose Best Names for Chihuahuas for My Chis

Chihuahuas may be tiny animals, but their hearts are large.

Chihuahuas are fairly stylish animals as well so this complicates how to choose the best names for chihuahuas.

We all know how different chihuahuas can look, whether it be a long, white coat or a short and smooth mixture of brown and white.

Here is a list of more than a hundred of some best names for chihuahuas for your chihuahua.

Some of The Best Female Chihuahua Names I Chose

Chihuahuas can have any name, it doesn’t even have to be a name it can even be a thing but these names are truly adorable for a female chi:

  • Cuteness- I mean, of course!
  • Chiquita- If you want to stay true to the chihuahua’s Mexican roots, this name means little girl in Spanish and it’s perfect
  • Bella- A beautiful name of Latin and Italian Origin
  • Lovebug- A cute little name for your cute little pup
  • Chloe- Just like the pampered chihuahua from the Beverly Hills Chihuahua Trilogy
  • Rosita- Derived from the flower rose
  • Estrella- A Spanish name that means star
  • Dream- We enjoy our dreams just like how we enjoy our chis
  • Cece- A mini or a short name for a mini dog
  • Nina- A name that means little girl in Spanish
  • Buttercup- A bright name derived from the flower
  • Crystal- A solid name for a solid chi
  • Paris- Inspired by the famous city
  • Tinkerbell- Like Paris Hilton’s famous chihuahuas
  • Twinkle- Like the star your chihuahua is
  • Mercedes- Despite being a car name, it also translates to compassionate in Spanish
  • Bonita- Meaning beautiful in Spanish
  • Lucy- A more feminine version of Lucky
  • Pinky- The smallest finger for one of the smallest dogs
  • Poppy- Just like the pretty flower
  • Fifi- A adorable name of french origin
  • Misty- An ethereal name for your chihuahua
  • Miki- A beautiful name of Japanese origin

Best Chihuahua Names I Chose for My Male Chihuahuas

Like I said before, any name can be given to a chihuahua, here are some of the best names that can be especially fitting for your male chihuahua.

  • Pepe- A funny little name if your chihuahua likes mischief
  • Toby- An adorable name for your chihuahua
  • Leo- If your chihuahua is particular very strong, this name that translates to a lion is great
  • Ty- A nice tiny name for a nice tiny chihuahua
  • Willy- A charming name short for “William”
  • Papi- A fun name from the Beverly Hills Chihuahua Trilogy
  • Duke- Treat your chi like royalty
  • Jimmy- A nice name of Hebrew origin
  • Ronnie- A less formal version of the name “Ronald”
  • Buddy- If your chihuahua is your best friend, this name is perfect
  • Polo – If you have a chihuahua that likes to hide a lot
  • Chico- Translates to “small boy” in Spanish
  • Ramsey- Just like the famous chef
  • Zorro- Just like a superhero if your chihuahua is especially heroic
  • Pacino- Like the famous Italian actor
  • Rocco- A name of Italian origin
  • Otto- A fairly masculine name if your chihuahua is protective
  • Miguel – A lovely name of Spanish origin
  • Chase- If your chihuahua likes running, this is a great name
  • Harry- A common but charming name for your chihuahua
  • Max- In English it translates to “the greatest” and of course your chi’s just that
  • Marco- Or if you want to be witty, Marco Polo
  • Troy- A wonderful name that translates into foot soldiers
  • Gizmo- A name that means playful, perfect if your chihuahua is
  • Sumo- A sport where somewhat large men fight, ironic I know

Best Unique Chihuahua Names I Chose for My Chihuahuas

Technically you can name your chihuahua a noun, a person, a place, or a thing.

They can truly become one of the most adorable names if you choose the best one.

They can really define your chi well.

Here is the list of some of the best creative names for our chihuahua.

  • Chip- Just like the savory human treat
  • BooBoo- Name of the former smallest dog in the world, perfect if your chi is extra tiny
  • Bolt- If your chihuahua is full of energy
  • Churro- A perfect name if you’re keeping your chi’s Mexican heritage in mind
  • Pixie- A mythical creature small just like chihuahuas
  • Cloud- A wonderful name if your chihuahua is extra fluffy
  • Button- If you find your chihuahua to be an extra miniature
  • Tortilla- A great name with roots in a Mexican heritage
  • Chief- A wonderful name if your chihuahua is extra bossy
  • Rebel- If your chihuahua is one to cause some mischief
  • Blush- An excellent name if your chihuahua is particular shy
  • Rocky- If your chihuahua is tough just like the famous boxer, this name works
  • Cancun- A beautiful city in Mexico
  • Sugar- If your chihuahua is especially sweet
  • Flame- Great if your chihuahua has a fiery personality
  • Doodles- An adorable name for your chihuahua
  • Penny- Considering how small they are this name perfect
  • Turbo- If you find your chihuahua is very fast
  • Giggles- if your chihuahua likes to be tickled
  • Cabo- A beautiful vacation destination in Mexico
  • Beau- A lovely name for the chihuahua you love
  • Bingo- Just like the dog in the famous song
  • Angel- A great name if your chihuahua is especially obedient
  • Dot- Considering how small chihuahuas are small, this name is well fitted
  • Monarch- Treating our chihuahua like royalty is important

Best Chihuahua Names Based on Appearance that I Chose

Sometimes, you find that your chihuahua has distinct features, maybe a rich brown coat, or spotted fur.

Your chihuahuas’ cute features can also be used to make wonderful names.

Here is a list of some of the best names for a chihuahua based on what they look like.Brown Sugar- If your chihuahua has a smooth brown, coat this name is perfect

Spots- A great name if your chihuahua has cute spots of random of color

Hazelnut- If your chihuahua coat is similar to the nut, this would be a good name

Goldie- Your chihuahua may have a pretty golden coat; this name works great

Frosty- Maybe your chihuahua has a sparkly white coat, this name is perfect

Raven- Perfect if your chihuahuas have a rich, dark coat

Ginger- Another great name if your chihuahua has brown fur

Silky- Mabe your chihuahua has a really long coat, this is name works well

Coco- Great if you find that your chihuahua is a luscious brown color

Noon- Also a great name if your chihuahua has dark fur

Ghost- This name is wonderful if your’s has an especially long, white coat

Ruffles- A great name if your chihuahua has an abundance of fur

Carmel- A good name if your chihuahua is this rich color

Truffle- Chihuahuas can have a combination of colors, a name like this makes sense

Sunshine- This name is perfect if your chihuahua has a bright coat

Snowflake- Perfect if your chihuahua has especially white fur

Milky Way- if your chihuahua is a swirl of colors, this name is great

Star- A great name if your chihuahua has a unique shape marks

Poof- A name fitted for a chihuahua with a lot of furs

Merie- A perfect name if your chihuahua has unusual colored eyes

Lindor- If your chi has a beautiful chocolate coat, just like the chocolate company

Elf- Wonderful name if your chihuahua’s ears are especially prominent

Noir- A great name if your chihuahua has jet black fur

Cloudy- A cute name if your chihuahua has white spots all around itself

Saturn- A great name if your chihuahua has adorable ring-shaped marks

Splash- If your chihuahua is “splashed” with marks of other colors

Hopefully this list has made your search for a great name for your chihuahua easier.

This selection features names that can work for any chihuahua.

Whether you want a name that matches your chihuahua’s appearance, or just something that fits your chi’s personality.

There is definitely something in this list of over 100 of the best chihuahua names for your lovely chihuahua!

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