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My Chihuahua Puppies with Long Hair

Meet my Long-Haired Chihuahua – Loha

Do you enjoy owning chihuahua puppies with long hair? If you want a funny, loving, snugly, and extremely protective companion, you’ve made the right choice for sure. I enjoy my long-haired chihuahua – Loha all the time.

Long-haired Chihuahua Price

A Long-haired Chihuahua puppy can cost between $500-$1200, depending on the breeder.

When saving up for your little bundle of joy, take into consideration his food, grooming, and vet bills, as well as his original fee.

These are all important on how long the two of you will be a family.

Where did Chihuahuas Come from?

Chihuahuas are named after the Chihuahua state in Mexico.

They date as back as 100 A.D. Techini is the chihuahua ancestor. The Techini has been found in cave drawings as far back as 300 BC.

The smallest dog in the world has big history.

Chihuahuas came to America from Mexico in the late 1800s. Then traveled overseas to Europe.

The chihuahuas actually became extremely popular in the late 90s because of Taco Bell commercials.

Again, because of the 2001 movie, Legally Blonde, lots of people wanted a little doggie to carry around in their purse.

long-haired chihuahua
lovely long-haired chihuahuas

Where Did Long-haired Chihuahuas Come From?

After the short-haired chihuahua was established in each area though, breeders were able to develop a new type, the Long-haired Chihuahua. They did this by breeding the Chihuahua with other small dogs that had a longer coat. Some breeds include the Pekingese, Papillion, and Pomeranian.

Once the long-haired chihuahua gene was introduced to the bloodline, they didn’t need any more outside breeding. Now, short and Long-haired Chihuahua‘s are thought to be genetically the same breed.

Types of Chihuahuas

The two types of Chihuahuas are Long and Short-haired. With each one, come two other options, the shapes of their head, an Apple-head or a Deer-head.

Apple-head Chihuahuas have a short snout that connects to their head at a 90° angle. Their heads are literally shaped like an apple, of course. They have big eyes, a short jaw, and a small body. Most often, they are born with a soft spot at the top of their head, just like a human baby. Usually around 6” – 9” tall at the shoulder and weigh between 2 – 6 pounds. The Apple-head Chihuahua is the only head shape recognized by AKC breed standards.

Normally, Deer-head Chihuahuas are larger than Apple-heads with an extended jawline. The skull is narrower and the angle between the muzzle and skull is around 45°. Deer-heads have pointier, bigger ears, and a long neck and head and his legs are also longer. It’s believed that the Deer-head Chihuahua came from a cross between the Chinese Crested Dog and the Techni.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for all Chihuahuas is between 14 and 18 years, giving you a long time to take care of and love your pet.

My Loha is now 12 years old and she is going strong each day and we are getting old together. Thanks to our good relationship!

Are Long-haired Chihuahuas Born with all that Hair?

Most Long-haired Chihuahuas have two coats of fur, a downy undercoat and soft, fine guard hairs. Long-haired Chihuahuas aren’t born with all of their hair.

It takes up to 14 – 24 months before chihuahuas get a full-length coat. Chihuahuas don’t require trimming as the hair only grows to a certain length, then stops.

Loha was different, she was born with very long hair and I could tell from day one that she was going to have really long hair.

The Chihuahuas Long Hair- Growth & Grooming

If the chihuahua dog is not using the bathroom, playing, exercising, or going for a walk, it should be kept inside at all times. The coat of the chihuahua puppies with long hair is a little longer but it does not protect the animal from winter weather for a long length of time.

Long-haired chihuahua does not need a haircut during warm weather either. The longer coat does not cause the dog to overheat any more than a Short-haired Chihuahua.

If you ever go for walks in the hot, humid summer, try to go early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not beaming down. Be sure to take breaks in the shade and bring some water along for you and your little buddy.

Long-haired Chihuahua – Lona has Complex Grooming and Care Needs

The Long-haired Chihuahua does have more complex grooming and care needs. They are fluffy around the ears, legs, necks, and tails. The fur on their body is soft and can be straight or wavy.

Chihuahuas come in a huge variety of colors: white, black, fawn, chocolate, cream, and many more. They might be one color or multiple.

Three-Stage Cycle for Growing and Shedding Hair

Anagen – This is the growth phase where nutrient-rich blood from the Papilla stimulates hair growth.
Catagen – the transitional phase when growth stops as hair follicles separate from the Papilla.
Telogen – the resting phase, hair follicles are temporarily anchored in place before falling out.
Once the hair falls out there is a new hair follicle begins to grow in its place. The three-stage cycle begins all over again.

It is irritating for your dog to shed all the time. You pretty much expect when you get a long-haired animal. Male or female does not matter at all!

If your dog has two coats, you should never shave him. There’s no guarantee that the top guard coat will grow back if it’s an older dog.

It’s not good to shave any Chihuahua. You will expose his bare skin to sun dangers and possible sunburn, no matter the season.

Chihuahua puppies with long hair shed their fur and grow back a more protective coat. Their fur helps regulate their body temperature. Their normal temperature is 101 – 102.5°F. Humans sweat to cool off and chihuahuas only sweat between their toes, so it doesn’t help their temperature.

chihuahua puppies with long hair
a long-haired chihuahua

The Chihuahuas Personality or Temperament

The Chihuahua‘s personality can be bigger than the dog himself. With chihuahuas, it doesn’t matter if Long-haired, Short-haired, Apple-head, or Deer-head, the temperament is the same. The personality issues go back to the breed, Chihuahua. With Chihuahuas, it is either you love them or you hate them.

Chihuahua’s personality and temperament are actually determined by the genes of their parents, how they are trained, and how you treat them. They must have patience and persistence from the start. Chihuahuas are very intelligent animals, but they will push you to the limit with their stubbornness.

Socialization at a young age with people and animals is key for Chihuahuas. They are born not trusting and it will grow right into adulthood. Chihuahuas seem to be a one-person animal because they are very loyal and protective. This is what makes them such good emotional and service animals.

Chihuahuas do well with older children in the household but aren’t generally recommended for small children. Literally, a young child seems to push the chihuahua’s patience to the limit and make him snap,

The Chihuahuas Hearing

A Chihuahua’s hearing is over 10 times more sensitive than a human. He hears things long before they arrive. A stranger is no different.

The chihuahua dog might start barking a whole three minutes before a stranger knocks at the door.

Chihuahuas Hair Care

Taking care of Lona’s hair requires time and careful attention to get it well groomed. I groom her regularly to keep her long hair appealing, smooth, straightened and shinny.

Chihuahua puppies with long hair can develop tangles in their hair. If not brushed can continue knotting up until the hair will need to be cut. To prevent this best way is to brush his hair out at least three times a week.

Before brushing the hair, be sure to lightly mist the hair before brushing. If you brush it dry, the hair will get split ends. You need to brush deep enough to remove any dirt that has gathered in the hair and pull out dead hairs. Stimulate the skin oils that will help to keep the fur and skin healthy. Take a minimum of 10 minutes to brush through the hair and you are not rushed into leaving parts that aren’t thoroughly cleaned.

As with every dog, not just breed, shedding will vary with the seasons.

In winter, thinner hairs will shed to make room for thicker coats. The coat seems to shed more in warmer months. She will need to be brushed almost daily to keep tangles and mats from forming. she will shed some all year round.

Breeding Chihuahuas

I have bred Lona with my other short-haired chihuahuas and I get adorable chihuahua puppies with long hair each time.

Breeding chihuahuas, they all carry a set of genes. The Short-haired Chihuahua might have short/long, short/short, or long/long genes. Short is always dominant over long.

If two Short-haired Chihuahuas mate and both have short/long genes, they can produce long-haired chihuahua puppies.

Two long-haired chihuahuas can only produce long-haired. Both dogs will only have long/long genes.

Feeding Your Chihuahua

My chihuahua puppies with long hair fed on mostly anything that I fed to my other types of chihuahua puppies.

It’s very important to understand that Chihuahuas can have hypoglycemia. Meaning that their sugar level can drop. It is best to feed them several small meals per day instead of just one big one to prevent hypoglycemia. Do not good to allow your dog to be overweight. Chihuahuas are very finicky eaters. Chihuahuas have got to eat well to keep up that energy level of theirs.

Everything they eat has a big effect on their body. They tend to have weak digestive systems. You should be giving your baby about 120 cal per day with proper ingredients to balance their diet. Low carbs, high protein, and other nutrient-rich diets will suffice.

Chihuahua Hair Loss

My chihuahua puppies with long hair including my Lona have been lucky not to experience any abnormal hair loss of nay concern to me. They all experience just the normal hair shedding I expected with long haired chihuahuas.

The formal name for hair loss is alopecia. Chihuahuas can lose their hair for many different reasons and only the vet can give a true diagnosis.

If your Chihuahua starts scratching a lot, it can cause hair loss and bacterial infection. This could be caused by allergies to dust, mold, or pollen. The vet will likely give her some immunotherapy injections to help the body adapt to the allergen. If a food causes these issues you can expect diet illumination until it’s figured out which protein or carbohydrate that she’s allergic to.

Parasites can cause hair loss. The dog seems to be allergic to fleas and it’s actually the flea’s saliva. The vet will give him a flea preventative to help. The same preventative can help with mange mites, if the dog’s hair falls out in patches, this could be why. If it’s ringworm, the hair will fall out in a circular pattern. There are oral medications and special shampoos that can take care of it.

Some Chihuahuas get genetically predisposed bald spots. They usually show up after his first birthday and can affect his chest, back, thighs, neck, and the outside of his ear. There’s no cure for this.

Chihuahua Shakes

It’s a well-known fact that Chihuahuas shake an awful lot. They are the smallest dog in the world and the temperature affects him more than others. By shaking, it speeds up the blood flow and warms him up a little. Keep this in mind before you take him outside to use the bathroom. Buy him some sweaters to help him stay warm.

Usually, to warm up, a Chihuahua will sit in front of a sunny window or bury himself in a blanket. When chihuahuas are too hot, they will lie on a cool floor, stop playing or pant to cool down.

Chihuahuas also shake from being nervous. If he does something wrong, he knows he is going to get in trouble. Any strange dog or person can make him nervous too.

Whenever you first come in after being gone a while, the chihuahua might shake from excitement.

10% of Chihuahuas suffer from hypoglycemia. If their sugar drops, it makes them shake. Always make sure to feed him several small meals per day instead of one big one.

Adopting a Chihuahua

If you can’t afford to go to a breeder and pay their prices, you should consider adoption. You can go to your local animal rescue center and ask if they have a Chihuahua for adoption. You can go to google, put in ‘Chihuahuas near me’ and will come up. You can search for a local place to adopt a rescue animal.

chihuahua puppies with long hair
long hair chihuahua

Pros & Cons of Owning a Long-Haired Chihuahua


 Cute & Adorable
 Can live in a small area
 Good watchdog
 Easy to groom
 Long lifespan
 Ideal travel companion


 Fragile
 Trouble staying warm
 Bonds with only one person
 Barks a lot
 Can have health issues
 Might not do well with other animals

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