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I Compared to My Chichis -How Smart is a Chihuahua Dog?

How Smart is a Chihuahua Dog

chihuahua dog

Any individual who cares for one and owns a chihuahua dog is aware of their sassy and intelligent nature.

However, in this review on how smart is a chihuahua dog? There is a need to go through this review to the end. In order, to understand how smart a chihuahua is, there is a need to compare them to other dog breeds.

You can measure dog intelligence

In most cases, Chihuahuas seem to have the most significant brain-size to body size ratio. That is, brain-size to the ratio of their body size of any different dog breed. However, chihuahuas are usually not ranked among the most intelligent dogs. Most dog owners still ask how smart is a chihuahua dog?

Additionally, it will depend on the way one will be measuring the dog’s intelligence. You can measure dog intelligence by comparison to other dogs and humans.

We measure the intelligence of the dog compared with specific human behaviors.

Various Ways of Measuring Dogs Intelligence

How Smart is a Chihuahua Dog?

Instinctive Intelligence

Chihuahuas breed is famous for its instinctive intelligence. For instance, a dog involved in herding will be rounding gaming dogs and animals.

Therefore, the dogs will be collecting birds from a given hunt. Such activities may try to answer the question, how smart is a chihuahua dog?

In the beginning, chihuahuas have originally bred ratters. However, they are unique as a result of their guarding ability. This ability may help answer the question, how smart is a chihuahua dog?

The Chihuahuas dog breed has served as working dogs. However, commonly bred to serve as companion dogs.

Adaptive Intelligence

Adaptive intelligence usually refers to what a given dog may end up performing on its own without human involvement. Besides, the adaptive dog will differ compared mainly with other dogs on the same breed.

The case of Mika and Minnie shows the difference. Mika is capable of working outdoors and Minnie is not.

As a result, she will stand at a given door and then start barking at another canine. More also, Mika may end up pushing and pulling a door, something he learned on his own without training. So then based on these Mika’s acts, how smart is a chihuahua dog?

Obedience and Working Intelligence

How will be covering what a dog will end up learning, especially when various human beings have instructed it?

There will be different commands which will be including sitting, staying, and pawing. Obedience and working intelligence are usually measured by the number of repetitions it takes a given dog to react to a given command. Understanding the working intelligence of chihuahuas may help answer the question, how smart is a chihuahua dog?

It is at this juncture that Minnie starts excelling. She has a lot of keenness in the learning of new things and usually is taking lesser time in the picking of new tricks.

Measuring the working intelligence of dogs

How Smart is a Chihuahua Dog?

However, Minnie is quite more submissive and will also be easily motivated by the use of food treats.

As a result, one will quickly help Minnie to do something new. More also, Mika will be having a lesser interest in making people happy since he bears the dominant, stubborn Chihuahua streak.

Additionally, he will not be pawing or sitting. Therefore, it is of great value to treat and keep him highly interested.

It is hard measuring the working intelligence of dogs

It is hard measuring the working intelligence of dogs, mainly based on what one may end up teaching them.

In many cases, it shall be having less to do with the dog’s personality.

In cases, where the chihuahua will not be interested in pleasing you, you may be left wondering whether it is becoming less intelligent.

Is the Chihuahua Displaying Empathy?

Many individuals who own pet dogs will say that the dogs display empathy. By saying this, it implies that dogs are aware of the various emotions of the different people they meet.

In case you are ill or upset, the dog will try comforting you by licking the face. Sometimes, the dog comes in for a cuddle or even bringing you toys.

Besides, some scientists believe that this is the time that the dog is ensuring that it is looking up for its owner’s sake.

Chihuahua’s personality.

As a result, dogs will notice a demeanor change and come up to investigate. The dog does this to make sure you remain to be a useful pack leader.

By doing this, the dogs are suggesting, as humans do, that there is a need for putting emotions in a dog’s bag. This will help individuals in seeing what they are intended to see.

Dogs have little empathy levels

How Smart is a Chihuahua Dog?

Basing on the dog’s evidence, there is a surety that the dogs have little empathy levels.

As a result, Mika will display great interest when upset while, in the other case, Minnie will end up being beside her owner.

As a result, the Chihuahua personality will entirely depend on the Chihuahua’s personality.

The Number of Words a Dog will Understand

In many cases, people usually address dogs by telling them goodbye when they are leaving the house. In other cases, people end up explaining to the dogs the reason for leaving.

Funny enough, these dogs will follow a little bit on the information given out by the owners.

The Chihuahuas understand up to around 165 words that are spoken. The most apparent terms or words that they understand include snacks, sit down, leave it, this way, wait, bed, tummies, and walkies.

More also, any other kind of word that the chihuahuas understand will be related to food language.

Our body language change

It is as a result of this reason that the dogs will always appear to contradict our thinking.

For example, dogs can speed to another house unexpectedly.

Dogs can even do something which you are not in love with. This does not imply that they are sorry. These dogs can also pick up body language changes in us, and that will worry them a great deal.

Chihuahua will diffuse unpleasant situations.

More also, they adopt an appeasement stance since they have an understanding that is what it will diffuse a given unpleasant situation.

One cannot measure how smart dogs are without weighing in on given human deeds.

For instance, a dog will run into a building that is burning. The dog’s intention is to rescue individuals or people who, at this moment, appear to be less intelligent compared to a dog.

As a result of the dog’s efforts, we end up having a greater chance of survival.

In this scenario, therefore, dogs appear to be very intelligent.

Chihuahuas have superpowers

There is also a need to pay attention to the superpowers of dogs. For instance, dogs have a high sense of smell – their nose is a piece of genius work.

There are few humans who may understand totally on the complexity of their smelling.

As a result, they will end up smelling in the form of 3D and moving the different nostrils independently.

The Dog hearing sense is well developed

Compared to humans, dog hearing ability is well developed. Therefore, they will be swiveling interdependently as they will be hearing up to even four times more than we can hear.

More also, you will be telling a lot about the dogs feeling and thinking as a result of its ears position.

Chihuahua Personality and Temperament

Chihuahua dogs are a breed of dogs full of loyal companions. They are quite sassy and also filled with vigor.

As a result, you will end up finding them on someone’s couch or purse. Besides, they will be barking too on a different person’s companion who is even twenty times much more than their size.

Additionally, they are also the dogs breed to love or hate.

Furthermore, chihuahuas are one of the tiniest dogs that are in existence. However, weak-hearted people will not manage these dogs and also the various people who may not be able to cope with handling their sassiness.

They originated from a town known as Chihuahua in Mexico

They originated from a town in Mexico called Chihuahua,

There are many different theories that have been put forth trying to explain their heritage. However, there is no person who is fully aware of the origin of the breed that resulted in the little canine. There is also no explanation of how smart is a chihuahua dog?

Chihuahuas have no hunting instincts given the fact they rarely exhibit a keen sensory system or strong catch-a-prey-drive.

Chihuahuas are highly adaptable in nature

Furthermore, there is no real class of dogs that is as dynamic as this class. Chihuahuas adapt easily to change and seem as precise as people expect to be like. Most people will fall in love with dogs which are as impressive a canine of the highly adaptable nature as are the chihuahuas.

A chihuahua dog loved by one person due to its personality will have a bearing on the dynamite nature of one’s temper and will also be an influence on how the chihuahua dog loves their family.

Chihuahuas are tiny may even fit in purses

The chihuahua dogs are tiny. They may even fit in purses but at the same time athletic and energetic. They may end up laying all-around a given house. Chihuahua owners will be tracking their filled eyes expression and the various hilarious gaits.

Though they may be notorious as a result of their aloofness nature, their barking, and less-dog syndrome.

Chihuahuas that are raised correctly and built well, are affectionate, guarded, and kind with their various family members. These affectionate acts may try to explain how smart is a chihuahua dog?

Personality of Chihuahua

A chihuahua is one of the fearless dogs present amongst the many different dog breeds.

However, their great confidence and big persona are what makes them difficult to train and also to housebreak. Besides, they will be fickle, especially in the cases of their obedience. To add up to their personality, the chihuahua dog sings one word and this makes them bold dogs.

They are very active in the way they love nature. They enjoy discovering the world. In the process of training them, despite, their home-like environment and their size. They also have traits that tack them alongside less intelligent breeds.

Chihuahuas are sharp

As a result, Chihuahuas have been shown and known to be sharp. They also learn quickly, process ideas, and navigating through the challenges themselves, especially while they are in trouble.

They are incredibly keen on their various surrounding areas to make watchdogs that are fantastic.

However, on the downside, they are usually barking a lot and that may end up turning into a negative characteristic. Rather than that, they are also loyal unfalteringly. After settling down on their new home or place to stay in any given homestead, their various personalities end up blossoming rapidly.

Chihuahuas need love

As the day will be coming to an end, Chihuahuas need to be loved. They demand this love with a lot of ferocity to the extent that it will end up becoming their most undesirable characteristic.

Though chihuahuas are adaptable and small, they are among the dogs that are neediest in existence. However, they are very jealousy, and this will make them incompatible with many children.

The little dogs are fiery and look for love

More also, the little dogs are fiery and want to be loved. They also require a lot of attention. When newborns enter the household, the chihuahua will end up becoming jealous.

The chihuahua becomes jealous as a result of the care of the children.

In many other cases, chihuahuas can be unkind to most of the children altogether. They see them as their competition for love and care from their owners. This may leave the owners wondering about how smart is a chihuahua dog?

Furthermore, it is not just in the case of newborns. When a chihuahua is raised together with children, the chihuahua has been shown to be smart. They are smart enough to know about when they are not receiving enough attention. As a reaction to this perceived lack of attention, they start to seek attention aggressively. The chihuahua ends up becoming domineering.

Chihuahuas will not mix with other canines

It is good to understand that Chihuahua’s personality does not allow them to mix with other canines. The chihuahua dogs are of serious nature and are also aloof towards strangers.

More also, they have a propensity of becoming tangled with other dogs which may end up injuring them. Despite the nature in which they been raised, trained and socialized, they a kind of being territorial. Besides, they also tend to overestimate their size. This may help answer the question most owners ask, how smart is a chihuahua dog?

Chihuahuas have a playful nature

When all is said and done, these little dogs are quirky, compassionate, loyal, and lovely. Besides, they have a playful nature whenever they are given an opportunity. This playful nature may be able to explain how smart is a chihuahua dog?

Their extraordinary quality often makes them a great choice that is fantastic particularly for single dog owners.

They add more light to households as their commitment and loyalty will not end up diminishing at any single time.

Chihuahua Temperament

Chihuahuas that are raised and socialized in the right manner become friendly, excitable, and lovely to the owners. These are happy dogs that usually show their different colors both while at home and when they have been distanced from the world. In other cases, they typically have a negative reputation for acting as a ‘poor company.’ The negative reputation may raise eyebrows on how smart is a chihuahua dog?

Keeping the dog healthy by exercising

Ensure you are keeping the dog healthy by exercising it despite their build and size.

Although the dogs are tiny, they will still need to be working on their bodies to maintain the right fitness. In many cases, a light stroll is an excellent workout for the sake of the chihuahua, and any tired dog will be acting like a dog that is well-behaved.

Keeping the chihuahua health and fit may help answer the question, how smart is a chihuahua dog?

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