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Learning from My Chichis – What are Chihuahuas known for?

What are Chihuahuas known for?

What are Chihuahuas known for? This is a common question I get asked whenever I am out dog-walking my chihuahuas. I love chihuahuas and I may sound biased when I answer this question.

However, before I answer this question, I would like to explain to those who are newly chihuahua owners that you made a great choice and here is why.

Chihuahuas are small in size (it is the smallest breed in the world!), But they are big when it comes to animation.

They are able to surprise with their energy and willingness to play, which makes them ideal dogs for the family.

Chihuhaua are intelligent and very devoted to their tutor. These dogs are capable of conquering anyone with their unique, safe and sassy personality.

These dogs are  not to mention their admirable intelligence.

Considered the smallest dog in the world, the Chihuahua is alert, gentle and resistant. Its charm and cuteness conquer the whole family. They are very devout dogs and loyal to their guardian.

Chihuahuas have above Average Intelligence

Chihuahuas have above average intelligence, learn quickly and bring in their personality characteristics of the terrier family, such as self-confidence and security.

Full of life and very lively, dogs of this breed are also known for being temperamental and cheeky.

Dressage can help to make them more obedient and partners and control possible aggression.

This little dog has no idea of its size. If the Chihuahua develops combative and crude behavior, it will not hesitate to challenge dogs of any size.

What are Chihuahuas known for?

Do chihuahuas pick one person?

Although very docile, Chihuahuas are usually reserved with strangers and can be jealous with their guardian.

Already with other dogs and animals, living together can be very peaceful. You can train the chihuahua to have its own little territory in the house.

This territory is where it feels safer and it can run to hide when it needs to,  like set up  a dog crate in the house for your chihuahua!

However, it is recommended that socialization training is still done as puppies, so that they do not become aggressive or timid.

This breed is generally very gentle and playful with the kids, but it is preferable that they are older children.

The little ones can run after them or surround them and the dog can understand the attitude as a provocation – and try to defend itself.

Do Chihuahuas Smell?

What are chihuahuas known for? Tender, loyal, playful … stinky? It is good that we adore our dogs, but it must be recognized that sometimes they can smell very bad.

While we don’t expect our chihuahuas to scent our home like a rose garden would, here are some answers in case you’ve ever wondered why your chihuahuas smells bad.

Many people consider that the smell of chihuahuas is related to their grooming.

However, excessive bad odor is usually due to health problems.
Most chihuahuas have bad breath from poor dental hygiene. This comes from the accumulation of food debris and the formation of tartar in your mouth.

This problem increases with age, but it can also influence diseases such as diabetes, pharyngitis or cancer.

Bad breath is called canine halitosis and is a very common problem in dogs. It normally affects small and medium-sized dogs, so our Chihuahua may be affected by it.

What are Chihuahuas known for?  Bad teeth and bad breath due to small jaws and mouth. The most normal cause of bad breath in Chihuahuas dogs is the accumulation of tartar. This tartar damages the tooth enamel and bacteria can accumulate.

Should Chihuahuas Sleep With You?

What are Chihuahuas known for?

Small breeds, such as chihuahuas, are sometimes affected by a phenomenon called “little dog syndrome”.

This syndrome is expressed by barking, grunting and even aggression, even going as far as bites.

Chihuahuas have a bold and stubborn personality.

They are particularly representative of this disorder. Despite their size, they will not back down voluntarily before a fight.

However, this is not inevitable: all chihuahuas are not like that and above all, you can act to correct their behavior.

Chihuahua also like to burrow under stuff like blankets and often couches. They do this when they are scared or for warmth.

For this reason, you are not advised to allow your chihuahua to sleep with you.

Do Chihuahuas Have Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a behavioral disorder that is expressed in signs of distress. When the dog is separated from its owners or from those to whom it is very attached.  Chihuahuas show such behavioral disorder too.

As soon as its owners leave, the dog destroys everything it can, it also barks or rather moans! The chihuahua dog can even get messy and poop around the house even though may be fully potty-trained. This is why it is often difficult to remain stoic in front of such a table after a hard day at work!

They are also anxious dogs as a rule who frequently engage in alternative activities such as licking their paws for example.

Does the Chihuahua Bark a lot?

More or less, since small breed dogs have it, they are more likely to bark than larger breeds.

So, they will bark when they think it is necessary, such as calling their owner’s attention to something, for example.

Chihuahuas may bark when they need to use the potty or go outside to play.

They may bark when hungry and they need food or to remind the owner that it is time to eat!

Is the Chihuahua Destructive?

It may be, even more as a puppy, but something quite common.

Chihuahuas are very lively, so they need to be trained and educated from a young age.

Chihuahua mix breeds can behave differently depending on the parents.

You can train your chihuahua so as not to destroy anything inside the house.

Is the Chihuahua Easily Agitated?

Chihuahuas are lively and sassy, and they love to run and play until they can’t take it anymore. Is the chihuahua easily agitated? Yes, and a lot more!

They can be agitated at times depending on how they perceive their sorroundings.

Despite the small size, the amount of energy of this breed is surprising.

Does the Chihuahua Require Space?

No, after all, as the breed is quite small, it is perfect for living in an apartment. Chihuahua puppies are even smaller compared to other dog breeds!

However, the owner will need to commit to always taking his pet to pass waste and expend some energy outdoors, after all it is a very easily agitated breed.

How often Does a Chihuahua Need Walking?

Technically, Chihuahuas need little exercise outdoors, so they are perfect for living in an apartment. They need a safe place to run and play, to exercise and feel happy to reduce the agitation.

What are chihuahuas known for? Known for being lively, Chihuahuas love to play, run and have an energy level that can surprise, considering their size.

Like any dog, they need to walk regularly.

So, half an hour of walking is enough for them. Just be aware of the signs of tiredness that your pet gives.  Chihuahuas can exercise until they get tired, if there is no intervention by the owner.

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