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Why Are Chihuahuas so Mean?

Why Are Chihuahuas so Mean?

They aren’t, I promise – Many people still ask all the time: Why are chihuahuas so mean?

By Queen, D

As the world continues to suffer from the effects of COVID-19, people must try and entertain themselves in the comfort of their own home. For most people, that means finding a companion to humor themselves with, and often it’s an animal.

Dogs are arguably one of the most loved and common animals in a human home. Their typical eagerness to play is likely to keep many households busy. You, and along with most people, though probably don’t include Chihuahuas, which is totally understandable but needless.

Let’s Get Some Things Right

I want you to get that stereotype that chihuahuas are mean out of your head. ANY dog, or animal for that matter, can be mean, it isn’t a trait only certain breeds of dog possess.

I know, it can be hard to imagine your friend’s golden retriever doing anything more than running excitedly to greet you. Or the King’s Cocker Spaniel your neighbor owns does more than circle around you happily when you get out the house but it’s true.

Even they can growl and bite. Of course, it would be ignorant of me to disregard the fact that certain breeds can face more challenges than others that can affect their attitudes towards people and other dogs, but what matters most is how an animal is raised.

Big Vs. Small

But are chihuahuas mean? Nope, at least not naturally. A chihuahua’s small size can put them at a real disadvantage. I think it would be safe to say most big things intimidate small things and to a certain degree, the same can be said about chihuahuas.

But let me give chihuahuas their credit, they are extremely headstrong animals that aren’t easily pushed around. They can definitely recognize a threat and maybe tiny physically but they themselves don’t realize they are small. They are actually very protective dogs who will stand up to anyone if provoked.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua trilogy

I remember watching the Beverly Hills Chihuahua trilogy with the tiny, talking dad chihuahua was always trying to stand up for his family to someone if he thought the person was a threat, regardless of whether the person actually was one.

I mean, imagine you were a seven inch, five and a half pound dog and a 5’8 rich elderly woman in a fancy suit was trying to pick you up and stuff you in her nearly priceless Prada bag. It would be completely reasonable if you were a little “mean” or aggressive”. That’s how it is for many chihuahuas, who tend to think they need to “fight” to protect their tiny behinds.

An Owner’s Duty

If you’re a dog owner, more likely than not you’ve been with that dog since its birth or early weeks or years. Not so surprisingly, that time period can be the most important.

A dog is going to act according to how you treat it.

If you treat your labradoodle with tender love and affection, it will reciprocate those same feelings. Most of the time, people don’t give chihuahuas a chance to be affectionate as soon as they meet them, leave alone after a few weeks.

Search up “dog attacks”…

If you search up “dog attacks” I can almost guarantee at least 3 videos of a chihuahua attacking someone, or even its owner would pop up on the recommended list.

Things of that nature can make people quick to believe chihuahuas are mean when in actuality, it really isn’t their fault.

It’s important that in those early weeks of your chihuahua’s life you smother your chihuahua with affection, kindness, and every other synonym for love in the dictionary.

Chihuahuas live for love and adoration

Chihuahuas live for love and adoration. Think of it like meeting a new person for the first time, if they appear to mean or are known to be, you’re more likely to have an attitude or some hostility toward them.

It is the same with chihuahuas. A lack of affection from an owner will make chihuahuas more mean and hostile.

So don’t be afraid to reward your chihuahua with a treat or play with them in the yard once in a while. Trust me when I say Chihuahuas know their worth.

Let Them Make A Friend (Or Multiple)

It is very important to establish a good relationship with your chihuahua at a young age, but at the same time, it’s also important that you let them socialize with other dogs and other people as well.

Chihuahuas do tend to be “one-person” pets

Chihuahuas do tend to be “one-person” pets, meaning they stick with the person they feel more comfortable around and match them energy-wise.

That’s why they aren’t typically recommended for a family but exposure to other dogs or humans can actually be helpful to make them.

Just make sure the other dogs or people are nice to your chihuahua, or it will defeat the whole purpose of trying to brighten your dog’s mood when the other person and dog are a mood killer.

Difficult now with the social distancing…

Of course, now, it could be difficult now with the social distancing that is put in place.

Essentially, everywhere in the world, but even for your chihuahua to be able to bark across the fence to the neighboring dog could influence their behavior greatly.

In fact, letting your chihuahua interact with dogs or other humans from a distance at first can be a better way to introduce a young chihuahua to new things.

Social distancing can have its perks!

They have a chance to walk up to see them in closer proximity. It may not seem like it sometimes, but social distancing can have its perks!

It may be tempting now to let your dog stay cooped up inside the house, as now it’s become evident that animals can contract COVID- 19, but a walk around the neighborhood along with your chihuahua and, some protection, of course, can really help lift their spirits. It probably would help energize you a little more too!

What Chihuahuas Like

I know that chihuahuas can have their bitter outbursts from time to time, and it might seem like they might literally explode with angry energy.

However, chihuahuas actually do not like to play for long periods of time, 5-10 minutes at most. Sure any dog likes a good toy every now and then but you know what Chihuahuas really like? Cuddling!

Why Are Chihuahuas so Mean?

The aggressiveness a chihuahua can…

Once again, you’re probably confused again considering all we’ve been talking about is the aggressiveness a chihuahua can have but let me tell you a quick story. When I was younger, my family had a neighbor who had a pet chihuahua named Poppy

Poppy was always exciting to see. The dog would play and run around my family with so much energy and then all of a sudden run into our apartment complex and jump onto the couch burrowing into the blankets we kept on there sometimes like he all of sudden remembered he was tired.

The makeshift hole he made

He would basically stay there in the makeshift hole he made the whole time our neighbor would be over. It didn’t matter how much I and my siblings tried to get him up, he just laid there, in his own little world, oblivious to the annoying kids waving his toy in front of his face.

It wasn’t until one of us got into the blanket burrow with him that he would be responsive, sprawling himself across our laps petting the back of his neck. 

Chihuahuas can get shakes and quiver

One thing to remember when your chihuahua might be acting somewhat snappy or mean is that they tend to like just chilling with their owner snuggled under some nice, fluff blankets. 

Sometimes chihuahuas can get shakes and quiver a bit but don’t be alarmed. They could be cold, but usually, do that when they are excited about something.

 But honestly, who doesn’t like a good cuddle?

Chihuahua Training

Unlike some dogs, chihuahuas need limited training. They can be pretty obedient.

People sometimes don’t realize that a more temperamental chihuahua isn’t just like that because it wants to be, genetics is probably the reasoning behind it.

You can have whole family lines of chihuahuas either very mellow or very fiery in terms of personality. But like I said, before the main factor in how a chihuahua act is how it’s raised.

Chihuahuas as Lap Dogs

We tend to see chihuahuas as lap dogs. If they aren’t in a fancy-looking purse, they are carried in your arms or some sort of dog carrier. Yes, chihuahuas do like to be coddled, but really only to a certain extent.

Carrying them around constantly could give them the wrong idea about the world, that it’s unsafe for him to walk around in and more. It is important that Chihuahuas are taught to walk on their own four feet early on and coexist with the rest of the world.

But, there can always be danger around, whether it’s a big dog with a mean attitude, people walking who aren’t watching where they’re stepping, so keeping chihuahuas in your sight while letting them walk around is key.

Chihuahuas Housebreaking

Another problem though some people might face with their Chihuahuas, that chihuahuas can have is housebreaking. Sometimes it’s okay to be a homebody, I know I am one, and coronavirus is sort of forcing everyone to stay inside.

But every now and then, we need to breathe some outdoor air.
Chihuahuas are very notorious for just liking to stay in the house all day, especially when the weather is bad, (a plus is that you don’t have to expect any muddy pawprints in the house) so forcing them outside out of the blue can upset them and isn’t the way to go about it.

Instead of taking a subtle approach might keep your chihuahua happy. For example, having them use the bathroom out in the grass once in a while or taking a walk when the sun is out.

Chihuahuas Actually Love the Sunlight

Chihuahuas actually love the sunlight, the same can be said for basically all dogs.

My neighbor’s dog Poppy used to love sunbathing on the grass and then swimming with us in the kiddie pool we owned. It used to crack me up seeing him with the long strips of sunscreen on his belly and sunglasses like he had no care in the world.

No matter how much we might want to train or pamper chihuahuas, finding that balance is essential to keeping any breed of dog happy.

It is easy to lose patience with a chihuahua…

By now, I hope I made it pretty clear that saying all chihuahuas are mean is really just a stereotype. Usually, the fault in their behavior is not because they all are generally mean, but more of how they were raised.

I understand it is easy to lose patience with a chihuahua.

But at the same time, it’s important to raise your chihuahua to be confident in themselves and around others. And just in general, love and affection.

Chihuahuas Have Strong Personalities

Yes, most chihuahuas do have strong personalities but it is important to understand where their personality traits originate from. It could be genetics but naturally their small, but still very adorable, size makes them a little more vulnerable compared to other dogs. That said, chihuahuas still are one of the most lovable companions anyone could ask for.

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