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My Thoughts – Why Chihuahuas are so Aggressive?

Why Chihuahuas are so Aggressive?
puppy black pug and aggressive chihuahua

Why Chihuahuas are so Aggressive?

You might be wondering, “Why Chihuahuas are so aggressive?” or maybe it could be your general observation.

In any case, it is an interesting question! It would be fun to explore the details.

Read on for more information!

Aggressive Chihuahuas

Many people would look at the small size of Chihuahuas and assume, it is super cute!

Well, it is! But, usually, muscular dogs are considered aggressive in nature.

However, you would be surprised to know that even Chihuahuas are quite aggressive in nature.

Chihuahuas are Quite Aggressive in Nature

You can spot a Chihuahua growling at other dogs and maybe even other people!

Plus, when there are small kids in the house it would be best to wait to get this breed of dog in the house because of their aggressive nature.

Now, the question is why are Chihuahuas so aggressive?

Keep on reading.

Defensive Behavior

The Small Dog Syndrome

Why Chihuahuas are so Aggressive?
Fighting chihuahuas on the beach

Because of the small dog syndrome, Chihuahuas depict defensive behavior.

Well, you can say that right!

Think for a moment, Chihuahuas are so small that makes it quite vulnerable.

Now, what would the dog do for its safety?

The Little Pup is Trying to Protect Itself

Basically, the little pup is trying to protect itself.

So, if you consider it from the perspective of your dog, it would be interesting to note the aggressive behavior.

Thus, next time when you head to the market and spot a Chihuahua keep a close eye on when it is showing the aggressive behavior.

If you already have one in the house, you can now understand the reason for being so aggressive!

Fear-based Aggressiveness

There is also a possibility that your Chihuahua is being fearful of a large and muscular dog.

Hence, showing the aggressiveness would be a way of dealing with the fear.

Aggression Due To Boredom

Chihuahuas are full of energy.

If they don’t find the means to entertain themselves, they might show aggression out of boredom.

When you are getting a Chihuahua for the first time, make sure you learn about this breed.

It is a commitment and you should be able to take full responsibility.

Lack Of Socialization

If you are raising your puppy in such a way that it never gets the chance to meet other people or dogs, it might lead to aggressive behavior.

Your dog would not feel comfortable in a social setting and thus, would show aggressive behavior.

Hence, it is important that you are taking your dog out quite often.

Just be in a place with other dogs and people! A park would be best.

Aggression In Dog Breeds

You might find Pitbulls to be quite aggressive.

This breed of dog is much large in size as compared to a Chihuahua.

But, it is important to note that the Pitbull is large in size and hence, the extent of damage due to a dog of large size would be greater.

Lack Of Exercise

It would be a good idea to keep a close eye on your dog’s exercise routine.

When you get a Chihuahua it is important for you to understand that it is a huge responsibility.

You should introduce an adequate exercise routine.

If the dog is not exercising enough, it can cause aggression.

Acting Dominant

Why Chihuahuas are so aggressive?
Angry little Chihuahua

You have to see if your dog is trying to act dominant when around other dogs.

It is a possibility!

It is always best to find the reason behind the aggression.

It might appear unusual but it is possible!

Being Possessive

Your dog might be possessive for you! Or you might spot a Chihuahua being possessive of the owner.

Well, after all, you are taking care of the pet and it does not want anybody else to be near you.

It is possible that being possessive can be the cause of aggression in your Chihuahua.

Pain or Medical Condition

Your precious bundle of joy can show signs of aggression because of pain or medical condition.

It is possible that this severe pain can be causing the aggression and hence, it would be best to consult your vet.

Consult Your Vet

Find a Vet as Soon as Possible

When you are getting a Chihuahua for the first time, it is best to find a vet as soon as possible.

Consult your vet for all the queries.

Make sure you are taking the pup for regular checkups and if there is any specific concern regarding their health or behavior, you can always ask your vet.

Your Vet Can Be Your Best Source of Information

It is important for you to keep in mind that despite tons of information available online in the form of articles and tutorials, your vet can be your best source of information.

You should consider the vet especially if your Chihuahua has recently started the signs of aggression.

It is always best to rule out the possibilities of any medical concern.

Ways To Minimize Aggressive Behavior In Chihuahuas

When you spot a Chihuahua getting aggressive in the market, it might look interesting especially because of the small size of the dog.

It is Important to Deal with Aggressive Behavior

However, it is important to deal with aggressive behavior especially if you plan on getting a Chihuahua and have kids in the house.

You want the dog to behave best whether at home or outside!

It is Always Best to Consult the Professionals

If you are concerned about the aggressive behavior of your dog, it is always best to consult the professionals.

But, here are some ways that can help you to some extent:

Take Chihuahua to Dog Parks

Socialization can play an integral role in improving the aggressive behavior of your dog.

The chances are that when your dog would interact with other dogs in the park on a daily basis, it might start feeling comfortable.

When the dog is young, it is best to instill healthy habits.

Introduce Exercise

Angry little Chihuahua
Growling angry chihuahua

It would be a good idea to introduce exercise.

You can ask your vet about it! Plus, dog walking would be best for you and your precious dog.

Make sure you are taking good care of the health of your dog.

Reward System

It is wise to give a reward to your dog when it is showing positive behavior instead of aggression.

You can use the treats or toys to complement the dog on best behavior.

Your dog would gradually get the idea as to why you are giving a reward!

Hire A Professional Trainer

When you have tried everything but in vain, it is time to hire a professional trainer.

A trainer has the expertise and thus, would be your best option when you are not able to deal with the behavior of your pet.

To hire a professional trainer, search online!

Do a little homework to find a suitable dog trainer

Visit the official website of the professional trainer as nowadays, all the businesses have a virtual presence.

Find the section of frequently asked questions and find customer reviews online.

Do a little homework to find a suitable dog trainer! After all, it is about the behavior of your precious bundle of joy!

Tips To Keep In Mind When Dealing With Aggressive Chihuahuas

It is important to keep the following tips in mind when you are dealing with aggressive Chihuahuas:

Chihuahua & Kids

Make sure you get the dog in the house when you are sure it would not harm the kids.

Even though it is tiny in appearance, you don’t want the dog to hurt the kids.

It does not matter whether a female or male chihuahua dog for a pet!

It would be best to get the dog when the kids are old enough.

If there are babies and toddlers in the house you might find it tough to train the dog especially if you are getting it for the first time.

Plus, make sure the kids are at an age that they can help you train the dog.

The kids should take care of the dog.

The small size of Chihuahua makes it quite vulnerable.

If your kids are small they might not know how to deal with Chihuahua.

If you spot a Chihuahua that is aggressive, it is best to let the owner deal with it.

Don’t try to give tips on such an occasion but you can later on!

If you have kids with you try to keep them away.

Why Chihuahuas are so aggressive?
Training a Chihuahua

Rewarding At Right Time

When the dog is acting aggressively, don’t hold it up. Never reward at this point!

Always give a reward when the dog is acting in a positive manner.

When your dog gets used to the idea of gaining reward on positive behavior, make sure you are gradually increasing time on providing the reward.

In this way, you can introduce the idea of patience.

Non-threatening Environment

Introduce your pet to other dogs and people in an environment that is non-threatening.

Don’t expose the dog to other aggressive Chihuahuas.

If you think a certain place would not be suitable for your dog then trust your gut feeling!

Work on the Training of Your Dog

Take it when you and the dog are ready.

You might be afraid of the aggressive behavior of your dog in the public.

If that is the case, work on the training of your dog.

If there are certain sights or sounds that make the dog aggressive then it would be a good idea to slowly introduce it to such surroundings.

Teach Basic Commands

It would be favorable for you if you teach the basic commands of obedience to your dog.

When your dog is showing aggression, you can simply say “no” as this would give it the concept of not acting in a certain way as you would not like it.

But, don’t be angry!

If you think you are not able to handle the aggressive behavior of your dog, you can remove it from the current room.

Working As Dog-walker

Many people hire dog walkers and many works as dog walkers.

If you are someone who is hiring a dog-walker, make sure the person you are hiring has the expertise and can take care of your dog.

You should let the person know of the aggressive behavior of your dog.

And if you are a person who is working as a dog walker, make sure you ask maximum questions to the hiring person to rule out the possibilities of any injury.

Talk To Other Pet Owners

If you are concerned about the aggressive behavior of your Chihuahua, it would be a good idea to talk to other Chihuahua owners.

You can ask for various tips, tricks, and ideas to deal with the aggressive behavior of your dog.

There is no Harm in Asking Around

You never know what can work for you and there is no harm in asking around!

You can ask other dog owners the different tips that worked for them to train their dogs to be more social!

You Can Minimize the Behavior of Aggression

Now that you know Chihuahuas are aggressive it is time to work on some of the ways so that you can minimize the behavior of aggression to some extent.

Life is full of unexpected outcomes!

If despite everything you are not able to train your dog, have patience!

Don’t lose your cool and be at your best behavior.

You got the dog to add more joy to your life and if it is causing anxiety, it is best to get an expert to train the dog for you.

Make sure you get the best! Plus, don’t forget to take your dog for regular checkups to the vet.

Final Words

Chihuahuas despite their small size can show aggressive behavior.

It might look cute being angry; however, it is a good idea to introduce your dog to the world at an early stage.

Socialization can play a vital role in keeping aggression at bay.

It is Always Best to Talk to Your Vet

Why Chihuahuas are so aggressive?
Barking angry adult chihuahua

It is always best to talk to your vet to rule out the possibilities of any medical concerns.

You can gradually help the dog to be less aggressive!

It Would Be Best to Hire a Professional Dog Trainer

However, if you find it tough to deal with the mood it would be best to hire a professional dog trainer.

You might be tempted to give Chihuahua as a gift to your kids or someone you know!

It is Always Best to Do Your Research

However, it is always best to do your research on this particular breed of dog.

Take responsibility when you are ready for it!

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